Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hi Blog. Are you still here?

Every so often I check out one of those books about how Creative People keep a sketchbook journal. I might as well check out books about being an astronaut. The likelihood that either of those things will come to pass is about even. Zero. The books are full of artfully casual sketches of Italian plazas in ink and watercolor, attractively surrounded by inked text. Wow. Other people have excellent handwriting.

Reasons I will never keep a sketchbook journal:

1. I am far too lazy.
2. People would look over my shoulder.
3. If I ripped out all the embarrassing pages, all that would be left would be the cover.
4. Size? Seriously? How does anyone choose?

But my blog is still here. Hi blog! I missed you. Can I come back? Would it be ok if #100happydays dropped in? K. Let's do this thang.